Top tips to write an award-winning wedding speech

Lost for words? Our Cheltenham wedding venue reveals its top tips to write an award-winning wedding speech

The Bride and Groom are without doubt the stars of their big day. So, it can be quite overwhelming for the Maid of Honour, Best Man, Father of the Bride, and other members of the wedding party to take to centre stage. Delivering a speech doesn’t have to be scary, so the staff here at our Cheltenham Hotel have put together their top tips to beat back the nerves and captivate all with award-winning words of love, life and laughter.

Thinking of winging it? Think Again

Planning and preparation is key. There is no shame in writing your toast, word for word, and having it in front of you. You won’t miss out any heartfelt messages and it will give you that boost of confidence on delivery. Prepare it exactly how you would say it. Practice a natural delivery. Take your time. A great toast should have a smooth welcoming intro and finish with a note of happiness and emotion.

Know Your Audience

Get personal. Make sure to address the wedding party by first names. Be heartfelt to those who couldn’t make it to the wedding. A toast should appeal to everyone, so don’t let it become one giant ‘in-joke’. Dish out the grittier more incriminating stories to people who seek them at the bar afterwards. Be appealing, be inclusive and unite the room.

Guaranteeing a laugh

Now don’t let your speech be completely void of humour. Some light teasing of the person can always make a room smile. But do it in a way that wouldn’t offend or embarrass…too much. Bring up amusing events where they were idiotic but lovable. A big dose of love should always be the foundations of any funny story about someone.

Admire. Be Sweet. Flatter. Repeat.

The bride and the bridesmaids look beautiful. Her mother must be so proud. The groom is such a lucky man. It is on the lips of every guest to the point that these catchphrases grace many a wedding. But, people love to be mentioned and paid tribute to. Be nice! It really does make others feel good. Plus, people are often a little tipsy and emotional by the speeches, so any words of flattery and joy will be hugely appreciated and much loved by all.

Heartfelt Tears to Family and Friends

It’s not hard to get a tear or two from the family and friends. The day is overwhelming enough and emotions are out and on the table… right next to the empty glasses of champagne. So, if it’s appropriate, don’t be afraid to get emotional too. Pay tribute to someone who can’t be there if they are ill, or would have loved to be there but have sadly passed. The bride and groom, along with family and friends will respect the recognition and be thankful for your meaningful sentiments. If you’re going to do this, make sure that you get names absolutely correct.

A Speech Worth Toasting To

So, you have given a warm welcome, flattered your friends and made the family laugh and cry. As you end your speech on a happy note, a loving lesson, or emotional sign off, ensure everyone has something in their glasses to raise a toast to the bride and groom.

Every speaker has a unique challenge ahead of them but if followed, these tips from the team at our Cheltenham wedding venue can guarantee you a resounding success and an evening spent with the admiration of family and friends. The most obvious piece of advice is this; have fun! You are doing this speech because you are special and important in the lives of the newlyweds and the people around you. They adore you anyway, so present your loved ones with this speech and cherish the celebrations to come.

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