Top 5 Romantic Foods For This Valentine’s Day


Our well known hotel in Cheltenham is a popular choice for a Valentine’s date, and we have hosted many romantic breaks in our time, so we know a thing or two about creating romance.


Quality time deserves quality food. Treat your loved one to an intimate meal for two with these indulgent foods this Valentine’s Day.



Nothing says “romantic luxury” like this extravagant delicacy. Caviar is a favourite amongst those looking for an indulgent treat to share with a loved one. It’s easy to see why, these pricey pearl shaped fish eggs boast numerous health benefits which enhance your well-being and libido. They are also packed full of zinc and a great source of protein, giving you that much needed boost of energy.


Chilli Peppers

Heat up your Valentine’s day with some added spice. Chilli Peppers score highly on the leader board for pleasure seekers with their impressive ability to release endorphins that can boost your energy and mood and leave you feeling on a high. The heat extracted from the chilli itself also helps to warm the body from the inside out. Get those tongues tingling with that kick of spiciness from the hidden Capsaicin.



Valentine’s Day simply wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without chocolate? But why does chocolate make us feel so happy? Known as the “food of the gods” due to its mood-enhancing chemical compounds, chocolate triggers the brain to start producing feel-good serotonin. The darker the chocolate, the higher concentration of, and better quality the, antioxidants contained in it. So splash out on some of the finer chocolates for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.



Renowned for their aphrodisiac qualities, these mouth-watering molluscs are essential for any stylish Valentine’s Day. Oysters boast some impressive health benefits, are high in zinc and are said to increase libido. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and a source of dopamine, Oysters are great at increasing your overall well-being. No wonder these were such a popular hit with Casanova, who ate 50 raw oysters every day!



Another staple for Valentine’s Day, strawberries have been considered one of the most romantic fruits for centuries. Dating back to Roman times, strawberries were the symbol for Venus, the Goddess of Love. The succulent heart-shaped fruit is the perfect accompaniment
to get you in the mood. Packed full of Vitamin C, this romantic fruit is colourful, tasty and delicious.


If you’re looking to whisk your loved one away this Valentine’s Day, we can make your stay especially romantic here at one of the finest hotels and spas in Cheltenham. Book your stay now.