Step into Spring in the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ is absolutely stunning all year round, but it truly shines in springtime…

The early months of spring are the perfect time of year to enjoy the natural beauty of the Cotswolds. Whether it’s rambling wildflower meadows, or manicured formal gardens that take your fancy, there’s an eye popping springtime walk for you. Below are a few of our favourite spots to take a leisurely stroll near our hotel in Cheltenham:

Stanway House and Fountain

Just a half an hour drive away from Cheltenham Park, Stanway House is a stunning Jacobean manor house that has remained resplendent in the Cotswolds for well over a millennium. Though the beautiful Guiting Yellow stone architecture, which is so typical of the Cotswolds, and the striking original interiors truly are a sight to behold, it is the incredible water gardens that we urge you to explore.

True to Georgian fashion, the stunning gardens were designed and landscaped in the 1720s by renowned gardener Charles Bridgeman, who later became gardener to the Royal family and was a pioneer of the ‘English’ garden style that overtook the ‘Franco-Dutch’ style in the 18th century. Enough of the semantics – what you really need to know about is the amazing canal and fountain that call Stanway their home. The canal, which bisects the gardens at the house, was installed by Bridgeman and is a true Georgian masterpiece. The glassy sheet of water is situated, rather unusually, on a terrace 25 feet above the house and is truly striking.

The canal, along with the various other ponds and features that are dotted about the garden, were added to in 2004 with the arrival of the eye-popping installation of a 300-foot single jet fountain, making it the tallest in Britain. The brainchild of landscape gardener Paul Edwards, and installed by fountain designer David Bracey, this water feature brings an extra element of wonder to the garden at Stanway House.

With all of that intrigue and beauty, Stanway House is definitely worth a visit for a leisurely spring stroll. When that early March sunshine hits the canal and refracts through the fountain’s spray, you certainly won’t regret it!

Selsley Common

Again, a half an hour drive, but this time in the opposite direction, is Selsley Common near Stroud. The common is a haven of wildflowers and butterflies, which will be starting to show their heads as spring arrives. Home to a Neolithic long barrow, which is charmingly named ‘The Toots’, Selsley is both a beautiful and interesting place for a springtime stroll.

This route takes you right across the common, around Stanley Wood and back again, which if you are looking for a lengthier (4 mile) adventure, is a great option. If you want something a little more casual, then just taking your sweet time to soak up Selsley is just fine too.

These are just two of the amazing places to enjoy an amble right on our doorstep here at Cheltenham Park, but there are many more to explore. If all of that scenic Cotswolds charm has got you ready for a cheeky spring getaway, then book your stay at our Cheltenham hotel today.