How to take the perfect Instagram photo


Let our Cheltenham hotel teach you the knack of taking the perfect snap…

Passionate about photos or just enjoying taking a casual selfie once in a while? Take note, August 19th 2017 is World Photo Day. Over 250,000 photograph lovers will be sharing their latest snapshot, whether it’s from their everyday life, witnessing an amazing sunset or stunning scenery that caught their eye. Our team at the DoubleTree by Hilton Cheltenham, one of the best most refurbished Cheltenham hotels, has come up with their top three tips to ensure your photo will stand out on this exciting day!

Focus and Exposure

Have you ever taken a portrait of your children and your camera focused automatically on the background behind instead of the children’s faces? Annoying, isn’t it? In order to ensure that you focus your photos on the right subjects, use the square in the middle of your screen. Our phone cameras will automatically-focus on a specific subject but if you want to bring attention to a different part of the photo, you can manually tap where you want the camera to focus.

Changing the focus manually will also have a direct effect on the exposure of the photo, which is the quantity of light received by your camera before the shot is taken. To prevent your photos from turning out too bright or too dark, a little sun (the exposure slider) will appear next to this square once you have chosen the subject to focus on and you will be able to adjust the brightness of the photo.

Embrace the rule of thirds

Do you want to turn your photo into an aesthetic piece of art? You should not ignore the rule of thirds. But what is it exactly? The rule of thirds is a well-known method used to focus your photos on a subject from a certain angle.

Activate the grid on your phone and you will visualise three lines dividing your photo into three equal parts, both horizontally and vertically. In order to get the most out of your photos, the subject should be located at the intersections of these lines. This will be pleasing to many people’s eyes!

Use filters

Instagram is home to numerous filters and it’s very easy to get creative and overdo it with the Clarendon, Amaro or X-Pro II filters. We think that using filters should be done sensibly. But why is that?

Using too many filters ends up altering the natural beauty of the scenery you just witnessed. Let’s face it, if you are standing in front of a stunning sunrise, why change the photo beyond recognition? You’ll end up showcasing a totally different shot. That being said, we believe that playing a little bit with colours, brightness and quality of the picture is actually quite fun, so… why not adjust the level photo, contrast it or sharpen it?  Whether you want to add filters or not is your choice, after all, photography is art and art is subjective!


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