Five Winter Wedding Must Do’s Wedding

Winter is a beautiful season and can add exemplary finishing touches to all aspects of a wedding.

As one of the finest of all Cheltenham wedding venues, we know how much work goes into planning a wedding – whatever time of the year it is held. From accessories and photo opportunities to declaring your love for each other at the most loving time of year; if you’re planning a winter wedding then our coordinators have the five tips you won’t want to be without.


Beauty Prep

Chapped lips and dry skin do not make a beautiful bride. Include these essentials in wedding favours for your bridesmaids and consider altering your beauty routine to include moisturiser and a hydrating serum so you look your best on the day.


Winter Accessories

From tights to keep legs warm to suitable footwear, you don’t want to have a mishap on your special day. Invest in gloves, a stole or shawl so that you can look elegant without catching a chill. Don’t forget your guests and bridesmaids!


One Venue

Stick to one venue and you won’t have to worry about adverse weather or troublesome traffic. When planning wedding ceremonies in Cheltenham the happy couple has an abundance of options but not all of them will be quite right. Not only is our hotel convenient and cosy, if you wish to hire it for yourselves it also adds an air of exclusivity to the day for your guests. They can ever stay over once the party has finished, too.


Food and Drink

A hot drink on arrival will warm up all your guests and get them in the festive mood. Carefully choose your menu options during winter – you want everyone to feel well fed and warm so make appropriate choices when it comes to dishes.


Flowers and Decorations

Don’t forget that winter means fewer flowers will be in bloom. Research your flower options and you can avoid disappointment – or a shock if a hefty premium is involved in sourcing your first choice. Experiment with colour and go bold with your decorations – after all, winter is a season of displays and extravagance.


When it comes to winter wedding ceremonies, Cheltenham has it all. For more information about our venue, download our wedding brochure. Alternatively, call or contact our wedding co-ordinators with any questions you may have.